​​​EM Locator
is environmentally friendly and does not disturb the soil. Site occupancy is less than 20 minutes, 5 minutes if trailer mounted. It is a very valuable tool for confirming new drilling locations and for spot checking previously abandoned locations to determine the feasibility of reworking the sites.

​Data for hydrocarbons and aquifers can be collected at the same time. This allows for protective measures for aquifers to be undertaken. Drinking water can be safeguarded and the identification of deeper aquifers before drilling will allow steps to be taken to avoid flooding of the target zone.

A​​n extensive range of hydrocarbons has been  located:

Coal Gas at 1600 feet in Cherokee County, TX

Gas at 2700 feet in Sublette County, WY​​
Gas producing layer​​ at 3950 feet, escaped gas at 3750 feet during a work over in Hancock County, MS

Gas producing layers 4700 to 6000 feet Sebastian County, AR

Sequestered Carbon Dioxide at 5050 feet in Liberty County, TX ​​ 

Oil deposits in the Cotton Valley at 7500 feet Lafayette County, AR​

​​ ​​Oil at​​ 9600-9750 in Sublette County, WY

​​Present Hydrocarbon Applications
for EM Locator include:

• Confirming seismic “bright spots”
• Replacing seismic, where it is uneconomic, or geophysically challenged
• Penetrating basalt
• Reservoir monitoring (including sequestered carbon dioxide)
• Water management near the target zones

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