EM Locator 

The system is able to identify aquifers in most areas after 20 minutes on site. This would greatly reduce the need for random drilling and result in large cost savings especially in areas of water scarcity.

In areas where drilling for hydrocarbons is taking place, identification of aquifers is significant. Casing must be installed in some instances to protect water supply and in other situations the drillers need to use the aquifers. 

Please find out more about the EM Locator by reviewing these successful surveys:

Dry Village, South of Albuquerque, NM (aquifer at 1000 ft)

Desert W of Las Cruces, Water Resource Institute, NM (penetrated 100 ft of basalt, aquifer at 560ft)

Medina Well, Edwards Aquifer Authority, TX (confirmed 3200ft aquifer)

De Lisle Well near Dupont facility, MS ( identified fresh and salt water)

Future Well site, Panola Water Authority, TX (confirmed 280 ft aquifer )


• Direct indicator of aquifers, down to 6000 feet
• Differentiation of fresh and saline water down to 3000 feet
• Surface monitoring of underground reservoirs

                                                                                                                                                                                                     EM Locator
can be scaled down for water applications within 3-4000 feet of the surface. A reduction in size would allow the system to be backpacked, and alternative power sources could be used. This would be especially beneficial to find water in Africa and other drought stricken areas worldwide.

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