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About EM Locator

Our Story

Franz Van de Kop is an electrical engineer and his wife Bridget is a geographer concerned about the availability of water.  Early in their marriage, Franz promised to make Bridget an electronic prospecting system. In 2001 they, together with their son Andrew, obtained United States Patent 6,188,221 “Method and apparatus for transmitting electromagnetic waves and analyzing returns to locate underground fluid deposits.” This system was first used to find water, and three years later at the request of geophysicists at the SEG, they used the system to find hydrocarbons.

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We are currently exhibiting the EM Locator at trade shows and demonstrating to prospective buyers.
Our Purpose

Our goal is to produce a cost efficient robust hydrocarbon and aquifer locator, that is simple to use. Our mission is to transfer the technology, patent prototypes and know-how to another company.
Bridget collecting the data
Franz setting up the array