EM Locator
Electromagnetic Geophysical Survey System
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  •       Aquifers identified to 6,000 feet
  •       Hydrocarbons identified to 10,000 feet
  • ​      A direct indicator
  • ​      No soil disturbance
  •       20 minutes at a location

    Preliminary processing in nearly realtime

    Unique signatures for hydrocarbons, fresh and     salt water

    Repeatable data

    Sample hydrocarbon and aquifer logs

    Proven design and performance

    Very robust system made of OEM parts

    Backed by 30 years of field and 15 of manufacturing

    Field tested in over 90 locations in 8 states
    Designer has 2 other successful patents

    At last the rain has stopped      
         now we are active in
           ​South Louisiana            

    ​           501-922-6618